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From a simple nail trim or a full groom, we are on hand to provide an excellent standard of service within our spacious and relaxing pet grooming studio. Every pet that visits our studio will be treated as if it’s our own.


About Us

Located in the Queens Road area of Maidstone, We Pet Care was established in 2018 by Chris Fuller, who graduated with a City & Guilds level-3 qualification in Dog Grooming.

We offer one to one attention to all our canine & feline customers with a full range of grooming services and specialist treatments in the comfort of our air-conditioned studio, set in our own garden away from all distraction and keeping your pet calm and confident.



What We Do

We offer a range of dog grooming services from a bath & de-shed for short haired breeds to a full groom service for those pets with longer coats. We also offer the specialist services of hand stripping, hydro sonic teeth cleaning and spa treatments such as facials, mud baths and specialist paw scrubs. Click here to see our full list of dog grooming services. 

De-shed Mud

Madra Mór 'Shed Safely Mud' is heavily conditioning and rejuvenates your dog’s skin and coat to help relieve and prevent excessive shedding while, promoting healthy coat and skin.

Bath And
De-shed Of Coat

 The bath and de-shed commences with a 10-point health check* followed by a brush out of the coat, hygiene groom, nail trim and ear clean using WildWash ear cleaner

Doggy Facial

Using WildWash Deep Cleanse Facial Scrub to gently, but effectively, remove dirt, beard and tear stains.WildWash Deep Cleanse Facial Scrub will leave the face and muzzle glowing and bright, with tear and beard staining greatly diminished.

Paw Massage

We offer a super conditioning paw treatment that will moisturise your dog's cracked, dry and rough paws and help form a protective barrier from everyday wear and tear. 

Full Grooms

A friendly welcome awaits your pet to our air-conditioned grooming studio. Prices vary depending on size, temperament, coat condition and if they're regularly groomed on a recommended 6 to 8 - week schedule.

Paw Sanitary Scrub

We use Warrens of London Sani Scrub to remove germs & bacteria picked up on a walk or playing outside, improving paw health. An excellent preparation for a paw or nail treatment/trimming.


Interested to find out more about our Top Dog Membership? Click here.

Why Groom My Pet?

All dogs benefit from regular grooming. Keeping your dog’s coat clean, by removing dirt and dead hair (preventing knots which may lead to skin irritation), helps to encourage new hair growth and reduces the amount of hair scattered all over your house. Regular appointments will keep your dog’s coat in tip-top condition.

As an owner you will want to take pride in your dog’s appearance and regular grooming will help your dogs to look their best. Brushing your own dog at home helps to create a bond and builds trust between you and your dog, at the same time, it helps to desensitise them to being handled. We will perform a health check on your dog, checking for fleas, lumps and bumps, discharge or any other abnormalities and report them to you. This is a great way to keep on top of your dogs’ health.

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What our happy dog owners have to say...

Fantastic service and Chris was amazing with my dog. She was happy being handled and her tail didn’t stop wagging. Chris also gave me some good tips on grooming Ruby at home. Thank you.

Nicola Brooks

I have a really nervous dog and Buddy always comes out relaxed and happy after being groomed by Chris. I highly recommend We Pet Care. Chris is knowledgeable and I wouldn’t trust anyone else with our beloved dog.

Kate Moore

We highly recommend Chris, he used to groom our last dog and he was amazing, we having taken our new chap Oscar for a haircut today and he was amazing again, offered fantastic advice and Oscar came out a happy chappy, considering he was a very nervous rescue dog! All I can really say Is Chris is really fantastic and I would recommend!

Paul Bryant

Top Tips

Shaving Your Dog If It Is Double Coated

Many owners believe that shaving a fur bearing dog for summer will help it cope with the warmer weather. However, this is a very misunderstood coping mechanism. In fact, what happens is that your dog sheds his undercoat in summer, leaving the guard hairs to provide your dog with insulation, and allowing cool air to circulate near his skin. The guard hairs also prevent your dog from getting sunburned and reflect the sun’s rays to protect their delicate skin.

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Why is Matting detrimental to my pet’s health

Why Is Matting Detrimental To My Pet’s Health?

Matted hair shrinks by the action of matting and can pull the skin taught leading to Haematomas (Bruising) due to the pooling of blood in the area of tight skin. Left long term, this could lead to sore and damaged skin and the associated health issues. The matted area can become a trap for moisture, fungus spores, bacteria, and flea/bug infestation.

Our 10 Point Health Check

At the commencement of all grooms, we complete a ten-point health check. This consists of a careful examination of your pet, allowing us to safeguard them during the grooming session or amend the groom to be more suitable (to avoid distress or injury). This assessment alerts us to any abnormalities, tender areas, reduced skeletal movement, signs and symptoms of infections or possible infestation and gastrointestinal upsets. Any concerns will be reported to you immediately if the issue would preclude the service from proceeding or, upon collection if more appropriate.





Teeth and Gums






10 point health check v2

If we come across any issues, then we will inform you of this when you collect your dog and give you advice on what to do next.